An infant is born with a pulse of less than 60 and no respirations. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), you should be completed with bag mask ventilation, intubation, and cardiac compression within 2 minutes so you can begin to deliver epinephrine and volume.


A team of nurses and a neonatologist created the Kangaroo Board to create a tool that would give medical professionals an organized system for storage and quick access to all equipment and drugs necessary for the first 10 minutes of infant resuscitation.


Saves Time = Lives
No more digging around a resuscitation crash cart with multiple compartments. All resuscitation equipment and all drugs are right at your fingertips. Stop wasting time searching for what you need - it's all on the Kangaroo Board.

Transport all the equipment you need for infant resuscitation with ease. With the Kangaroo Board, all of the important supplies you need are clearly labeled and stored. The board folds up and is closed with flaps and can be transported to any area fast and efficiently.

Improved Inventory Management
Your team will have perfect visibility as to what equipment and drugs are missing from the Kangaroo Board. With clear labels on all compartments and clips, you will easily see what you have and what you need. Don't start a resuscitation without everything you need ever again. The Kangaroo Board will keep your team always ready and prepared.

Enhanced Offsite Capabilities
Now you have instant availability of all equipment and drugs when your resuscitation team responds to an area not setup for newborn resuscitation. Don't be caught in other offsite areas that do not have the equipment you need - bring the Kangaroo Board and always be prepared.

Fiscally Sound
Stop throwing away suction and ventilation equipment. With the Kangaroo Board, equipment and drugs are ready for use and can be kept clean off the resuscitation field - this prevents you from discarding equipment that can be used again. Also, since the Kangaroo Board is portable, you no longer have to stock as many rooms with equipment and drugs. This leads to less overall discard and waste.

Conforms to new JCAHO Standards
Conforms to JCAHO requirements of MM. 2.30 that states that all emergency medications must be in a locked room or under constant surveillance. Kangaroo Board Version 2 comes with 3 locking loops. The Kangaroo Board allows for safe storage and transport of this equipment.

"When time counts, the Kangaroo Board delivers"